Meet the Nominees

April 24, 2017 - 3:23 PM

Your vote is important! Two MMCI Members must be elected to fill two Board of Director positions. The role of an MMCI Director is an important volunteer position in the organization. All current members will receive a ballot, which is sent out May 10. You must return your ballot by June 1.

Before you vote, you need to know something about the individuals who have agreed to run for the three year term. You also need to know the expectations of a director. Being a director requires a time commitment and an enthusiasm for fulfilling the mission of this MMCI organization. The Role of a Director is listed below. Please review these expectations as you vote for two directors.

A Director should:

  • Read and know the by-laws of the Club
  • Attend a majority of meetings and show: Participate at the Club Table in recording membership sales, selling merchandize, socializing with other members to welcome people to the shows. Help with set up at shows, with auctions, and other activities as needed.
  • Expect to have more personal expenses; the club does not reimburse for all director costs -- it is a volunteer position.
  • Take an active position as a chairman and/or officer and learn the tasks needed for each role.
  • Complete a report each year of accomplishments (keep notes on tasks, etc.)
  • Be a positive spokesman for the club to encourage member participation.
  • Provide new ideas for the club in order to continue to achieve the Mission of MMCI.

Your nominees have submitted a short bio to introduce themselves to you. Click on the links below to read each bio. This information is also listed in the May issue of The Corresponder.

David Ritenburgh

Thomas Schasney

Len Vonasek

Dale VonLoh

Thank you for taking an active part in electing your Directors!

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