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View Summer and Winter Show Photos

Dennis Hoekstra has kindly shared many great photos from the shows in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Thank you Dennis! We will be adding descriptions for some Read More...

View the 2015 Homestead Reunion

Check out the photos from the final Homestead Reunion. Go to the Photo page and scroll to OTHER category. Click on the link. You can have access to Read More...

Floyd County Museum displays Minneapolis RTU

On the main floor of the Floyd County Museum you will see a Minneapolis Moline RTU on loan from Lorin and Mary Brass from Lennox, South Dakota. The


Video of the NT Clone Project

See a video produced by Jeff Laleman of their NT Experimental Tractor Read More...

MMCI Merchandize

We have added photos of the MMCI merchandize available through the collectors club and at MMCI Shows. Check out the items here.


Welcome To Minneapolis Moline Collectors

We're a growing, enthusiastic collectors organization and we'd love to have you join us and help us tell the great Minneapolis-Moline story.

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